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    NO-P FIK 320ml

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    No-P is a world class pesticide and the only pesticide in India that contains 2% PROPOXUR. Propoxur is the best quality repellant ingredient which makes it very expensive. No-P offers it to the maximum quantity while keeping its price unbelievably low! It kills bed bugs, termites and all insects.

    Product Key Highlights
    • It has perfume so does not stink
    • Kills bed bugs, termites and all insects
    • More product at a lesser price when compared to most other popular insecticide
    • 24x7 protection
    • Long lasting effect
    • Can be used in bedroom, bathroom and offices
    How To Use

    Remove the cap, open the seal, locate the opening of the nozzle, press the button with light pressure and direct the spray away from you on the pest infested spot so as to spray it uniformly.

    Key Ingredients

    2% Propoxur, Isopropyl alcohol, Petroleum distillate (Mineral turpentine/kerosene), Liquid petroleum gas.

    NO-P FIK 320ml
    NO-P FIK 320ml

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