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    India’s no.1 self-defense pepper spray for women. Bodygard is a world class product, easy to carry in a purse friendly pack, offering instant self-defense against surprise attacks and assaults. It gives you the confidence to immediately fight back and get yourself help by temporarily paralyzing the attacker.
    • Easy to use
    • Fits in hand
    • Temporarily immobilizes the attacker. Cut all his function except breathing in just one spray. 

    When to use BODYGARD?

    Every day, incidents of sexual assault, rapes, thefts and battery are increasing. Join the movement for women safety. These problems are
    affecting women and senior citizens across India, even in your neighbourhood. But now you don’t have to fear for your own and your family’s safety. BODYGARD Pepper Spray is ideal for young girls, working women, call centre, journalists, Police, watchmen, old people living alone, banks, anyone handling valuables.

    Why to use BODYGARD?

    It makes a single woman feel very safe and capable of defending herself. Easily fits into a small purse. Easily fits in a girl’s hand. Used by
    the New York Police Department and the Canadian Mounted Police.

    How to use BODYGARD?

    In case of an attack, open the cap and press the nozzle facing the attacker. One spray and the attacker cannot move for up to 10 minutes. Attacker goes blind, cannot breathe, chokes, looses grip, and falls down. You can escape. Seek help!

    Key Ingredient

    Bodygard made from 100% Capsicum Oleoresin.