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    Climax Delay Spray ( Pack of 2 ) 12g

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    Today with so much stress, delayed work hours, lack of physical activity, increased consumption of alcohol, sex is often pushed aside due to tiredness and weakness. No longer.

    Climax is India’s no.1 male delay action spray, trusted by men for over 30 years with millions of happy customers. Climax offers long lasting pleasure for men and women during intercourse. Its unique formula acts as a local anesthetic and prolongs the time of ejaculation during Intercourse, increasing pleasure for both man and woman.

    Product Key Ingredients
    • No medical prescription required
    • No side-effects
    • Instant effect
    • Delays ejaculation for greater pleasure
    How To Use

    Before sexual intercourse, CLIMAX must be sprayed on the external tip of the hardened male organ. IT IS EASY TO USE! Climax delays ejaculation offering greater pleasure.

    Key Ingredients

    It uses an active ingredient called lidocaine, a safe and commonly used topical anaesthetic. Its perfect formula assures maximum pleasure and zero side effects.

    Climax Delay Spray ( Pack of 2 ) 12g
    Climax Delay Spray ( Pack of 2 ) 12g

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