About Us


A better life. Every day.

Established in 1986, MidasCare aims to bring better products to people. Today, MidasCare is one of India’s most dynamic, youthful and fast growing pharmaceutical companies. Touching lives of millions across India, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America.
With advance technology and detailed R&D, we offer services and our products across healthcare, personal care; home care and auto care.


  • We are amongst India’s top pharmaceutical companies.
  • No other company in the world can start from a coin-shaped slug of 99.97% pure aluminium, convert it into an aerosol can, fill it with formulation manufactured within the company and deliver it to the market to consumers, all in just one day.
  • Being guardians of the environment, we were one of the first companies to stop using CFCs and completely reformulate all products to non-CFC formulation.


Almost every MidasCare brand is a category starter and leader:

  • We emerged as the leader by developing India’s first pain reliever spray (keep it the same).
  • We launched India’s first range of feminine hygiene wash.
  • We created a revolutionary product in India, the first mouth freshener spray that helps in treating bad breath.


We care. We empower. Social Impact at MidasCare is about empowering our consumers, people and processes. Our key empowerment initiative is MidasCare SwarnPrabha. The start of MidasCare SwarnPrabha 20 years ago, as the new MD of MidasCare, Mrs.Sangithaa Gupta had to make a life-changing journey from being a homemaker to an entrepreneur. The transition had to be quick as both the roles were equally demanding and important.That dream was realized with the launch of MidasCare’s social impact initiative to empower women – MidasCare SwarnPrabha.

What we do Created by a woman, for women and of women, MidasCare SwarnPrabha recognizes the multiple roles a vwoman plays. That of an individual, professional, daughter, mother, sister or wife. It gives her the means to excel in every role, recognises and celebrates her true potential to learn, earn and grow.


MidasCare is a proud winner of the prestigious ICICI – CNBC TV18 Emerging India Award 2013 for the ‘Most Socially Responsible SME’ for its MidasCare SwarnPrabha initiative. Mrs. Sangithaa Gupta, Managing Director, MidasCare, also bagged the award for ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, 2013’. Mrs. Sangithaa Gupta receives the ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from Mr. N.R Narayana Murthy, Chairman, Infosys Limited. Ms. Shivangi Gupta and Mrs. Sangithaa Gupta receive the ‘Most Responsible SME’ award for MidasCare SwarnPrabha from Mrs. Chanda Kochhar, M.D., ICICI Bank.