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    Clean & Dry Intimate Cream - 15gm

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    Clean and Dry Cream is crafted with a clinically proven formula and prescribed by gynecologists. It gives instant relief from first use and in 5 days, completely treats germs that cause itching, burning and excessive wetness. Keeping you fresh and Andar Se Happy.

    What makes Clean and Dry Cream so special

    Clean and Dry Cream gives instant relief from symptoms of infection like itching, burning and excessive wetness.

    Crafted with a Clinically Proven Formula

    Clean and Dry Cream is FDA approved and dermatologically tested known for giving instant relief from symptoms of infection and completely
    treats infection causing germs in 5 days.

    Get Instant Relief

    Clean and Dry Cream has the right concentration of Clotrimazole which gives instant relief from first use and completely treats symptoms of infection like itching, burning and wetness within 5 days

    Get the extra Germ Protection

    Clean and Dry Cream protects against germs which cause itching, burning and excessive wetness

    Intimate hygiene and care has never been this easy

    1. Take pea sized amount on your finger
    2. Gently massage onto the affected area
    3. Apply twice daily for 5 days for complete treatment
    Why do we experience pH Imbalance

    Sanitary pads could cause odor and itching

    Hair removers could lead to itching and rashes

    Tight clothes could cause chafing and itching

    Hormonal changes could cause wetness and white discharge

    Sweat could cause itching and irritation

    Stress could lead to hormonal imbalance

    Clean and Dry is the expert intimate care you need.

    Clean and Dry is designed just for you. It effectively combines nature and science. So you can live your life the way you want to – active, confident, healthy and full of positivity.

    Going back a decade, when our TV screens were overwhelmed by cosmetics, shampoo and soap advertising, Clean and Dry believed that feminine intimate care is an important need that cannot be ignored. Little wonder that it took two women at the helm of one of India’s reputed Pharma companies to take a stand and be the first of its kind brand on TV. From the forgotten shelves deep inside retail stores to the honourable parliament of the Country, Clean and Dry fought to bring feminine intimate care into prominence. Even today, Clean and Dry is the only brand approved by FDA with a complete range of intimate care
    products dedicated to solving different intimate problems women face over a lifetime.

    A range of solutions for almost every feminine problem

    Clean and Dry Cream & Clean and Dry Powder

    Instant relief! Just reading these words make you wonder why so many of us women, tolerate intimate infections, silently and for so long. Clean and Dry Cream and Powder brings you instant relief from rashes, burning and excessive wetness. These are must-haves, after all when these symptoms are tolerated or ignored they manifest into a far more serious infections. You deserve to be happy, andar se happy.

    Clean and Dry Feminine Intimate Wash & Clean and Dry Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash

    Clean and Dry Wash and Foam Wash are enriched with natural ingredients to naturally balance pH levels in the intimate area and protect you against germs. Helping you stay fresh, active, protected and andar se happy, all day!

    Clean & Dry Intimate Cream - 15gm
    Clean & Dry Intimate Cream - 15gm

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